About TiHomes

Total Investment Sdn Bhd set down its roots in 1993. A small and simple project of 10 shops and 31 homes in Ipoh marked its entry into the property development arena.

Today, more than 20 years on, the company has created a niche for itself and TI Homes has become a well-known and well-received name in the property industry in Perak.

Ranging from entry-level, value-for-money houses in up-coming growth sectors to luxurious homes in sought-after areas, TI Homes builds houses for all peoples, across the board. The company has successfully completed and delivered more than 3,000 residential and commercial units in Ipoh, spread over 4 major locations.

Two of its well-recognised residential enclaves are Tiara Lake Park and Uplands.

A 261-acre township in the Western part of Ipoh City, the 1,359 houses which Tiara Lake Park will eventually hold will represent one of the city’s largest residential communities. The project is half-way through completion.

At the other end of town, in a much sought-after residential portion, Uplands signalled TI Homes’ entry into the luxury homes segment. A cosy enclave of exclusive semi-detached houses and bungalows, Uplands set one of the initial benchmarks for luxurious living in Ipoh. The crowning glory of the Uplands project will be Uplands 2, a boutique selection of 18 exclusive bungalows which will be the ultimate in elite living in Ipoh.

Responding to the evolving needs of residents in their twilight years, TI Homes is now broadening its repertoire with GreenAcres, which will offer a brand new lifestyle of choice for senior citizens. With this premier retirement village, TI Homes will once again set a new benchmark, this time in retirement lifestyles. GreenAcres is set to change and expand the horizons of retirement living in Malaysia.

To constantly pursue our philosophy of
lives lived better by delivering what is better and
meaningful to homebuyers and the community


  • To bring bold and new ideas that will set the benchmark for property development in Malaysia
  • To deliver affordability and value that goes beyond quality homes but delivers quality lifestyle and better possibilities
  • To create new and improved products that meet market needs